The only kids' snack recipe book you'll ever need!

Shhhh... we've just released ALL the recipes of the best-selling BakeMe Snacks product range in an eBook!

9 best selling kids' snack recipes, no added sugar, easy-peasy to make, delicious AND they all freeze perfectly.


    These are the exact recipes of the best-selling BakeMe Snacks Bake-at-Home range. We've sold 1000's of packs across the country and now you can get your hands on our secret recipes!


     Our recipes are perfect for older babies, toddlers and kinder kids! With 5 snack bar recipes, 2 cookie recipes, a yummy choc-banana bread and the best fluffy pikelet recipe everthey'll never know that they are healthy ;)


    All our recipes have no added sugar, use everyday ingredients, are nutritious for little bodies and take less than 10 minutes from making-to-baking. Plus, once they're made, all snacks are perfect to freeze!

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  • "I just made our first one tonight! Apple almond and coconut... ummm do i really have to share these with the kids? lol! Sooo yummy and have them ready for my kids for school tomorrow! They will love them! Thank you." - Keiron

  • "Well where do i start .... your snacks are absolutely fantastic  my tchildrenldren love them and they were such a hit they kept asking for more ...will definitely be ordering more thank you for making my family happy  and healthy" - Kiara

  • "So far we have tried the berry, oat and chia bars. And we loved them. Super easy and they tasted great. Also loved how healthy they are and how easy it was to make them dairy and egg free." - Stephanie

  • "We LOVE your recipes!  I very naughtily made the cocoa and cherry slice for myself with a few choc chips and it was the cheekiest divine snack - I can’t wait to make the cookies and the yoghurt bars next week" - Ashleigh

  • "These are great and so easy to make. My 10 month old and I loved the banana and date bar and we now have lots of nutritious snacks in our freezer so no more stressing about what to give him for snacks." - Kirby


What recipes are in the eBook?

The book contains all 7 recipes from the best-selling BakeMe Snacks range, plus 2 bonus recipes. So that's 5 snack bar recipes, 2 cookie recipes, and we've also included our amazing-but-never-released Choc-Banana bread recipe and our best-ever fluffy pikelet recipe.

Are the recipes allergy-friendly?

Most recipes can be adapted to cater for dairy and egg allergies. 2 of the recipes are already gluten free and the others could be further adapted for. You can read more about what's in our recipes here.

What ages of children are these snacks suitable for?

Our bars and cookies are suitable for babies, toddlers and kids once they are confident with solids, right up to big kids (and parents!). They are made especially for little mouths and teeth (or not so many teeth), and so are a soft, moist and dense texture.... our bars are more like a dense cake consistency than a traditional muesli bar! The only chunky ingredients we use are whole blueberries in our Berry, Oat & Chia Bars, and sultanas and diced dried apricots in our Muesli & Yoghurt Bars. Of course, we always recommend supervising babies and kids while they're eating. 

How long do the snacks last once they are baked?

Once they're baked, our BakeMe Snacks are best consumed within a couple of days while they're nice and fresh. Because our recipes have a low sugar content, don't have preservatives and have a high moisture content to make them easy for little mouths to eat, the shelf life is shorter compared to store-bought muesli bars and cookies. It's best to think of our products like a loaf of bread or a freshly baked cake - best to freeze to lock in their freshness and so they're always handy! 

What do you mean by 'no added sugar'?

We only use the goodness of the natural sugars found in whole fruits to sweeten our bars and cookies; we don't add any refined sugar products. We don't even use any of the pretend-they're-good-for-you sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup or rice malt syrup. Even when we use medjool dates to add a touch of sweetness, we only use a few - most recipes use only 2 or 3 in a whole batch! We love using dates as they have a high fibre content as well as nutrients such as iron.

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