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About Us

Sally & Lucy

Thanks so much for visiting us. I'm Sally and I am the Melbourne mum behind BakeMe Snacks. And here's my little gal, Lucy. She's a redhead, a Leo and the daughter of 2 stubborn parents; I can only imagine the teenage years ahead of me!

When I first had Lucy, I honestly didn't realise what hit me. I really felt the pressure of looking after a small human and really felt out of my depth for those first 6 months. OK, probably 12 months. It was definitely not like the Huggies commercials ;)

Pre-baby, I loved getting in the kitchen and cooking, and was passionate about eating well - not kale-and-hemp-powder stuff, but just eating fresh foods with as little processing as possible, and avoiding sugar and things with numbers in the ingredients list.

My pre-baby wish was to of course bring up my little gal on the same sort of eating style - cook her meals and snacks so I knew what was going into her belly was good fuel for her little body.

My post-baby reality was that I barely had time for a shower, let alone cooking from scratch (ladies with cat-napping babies and busy toddlers, you know what I'm talking about!). I felt so overwhelmed and frazzled!

So, of course, I looked for some snacking shortcuts at the supermarket - to be honest, I was pretty horrified - packets and boxes of highly processed snacks, with ingredients lists that looked more like they had come from a lab than a kitchen. Even if they said 'organic' on the label, often 'organic sugar' was one of the ingredients... ummmm, just because the sugar is organic doesn't make it OK!

And so I started - I wanted to create the ultimate home-baking hack for trying-to-keep-it-together mums like me. An easy shortcut so baking healthy snacks at home wasn't such a huge task. So that parents could be confident that their kids weren't being fuelled with sugar (nor the sneaky sugar cousins like malt syrups, corn syrups and fruit concentrates). 

Because I believe that healthy kids are happy kids, and happy kids mean happy parents. And happy parents mean happy kids. It sort of comes full circle.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Email me at or you can visit our Facebook page or look us up on Instagram under @bakemesnacks