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Product FAQs

Here's the most commonly asked questions about our products. Still got questions? Need more info? Please don't hesitate to email us at and we'll get back to you within a couple of hours.

Q. What ages of children are BakeMe Snacks suitable for?
A. Our bars are suitable for babies, toddlers and kids once they are confident with solids, right up to big kids (and parents!). They are made especially for little mouths and teeth (or not so many teeth), and so are a soft, moist and dense texture.... more like a dense cake consistency than a traditional muesli bar! The only chunky ingredients we use are whole blueberries in our Berry, Oat & Chia Bars, and sultanas and diced dried apricots in our Muesli & Yoghurt Bars. Our Apple, Almond & Cinnamon Bars uses a finely ground almond meal, so don't contain any chunks of nuts. Of course, we always recommend supervising babies and kids while they're eating.

Q. Are BakeMe Bars suitable for kids with allergies?
A. You can see the full list of ingredients for our Bake-at-Home Mixes here . If your little one has allergies, please read the ingredients carefully. Although a recipe may be nut free or dairy free for example, please be mindful that our bars are made in a kitchen which does use these ingredients and cross contamination can occur. We take the utmost care when baking our bars but we can't guarantee a totally allergy free product, so please use caution if your kiddy has sensitivities. Here's a quick summary of our products and what each recipe doesn't contain!

Berry, Oat & Chia Bars - recipe is nut free, can be made dairy free (using soy or another non-dairy milk)

Banana, Date & Coconut Bars - recipe is egg free and nut free, can be made dairy free (using soy or another non-dairy milk)

Apple, Almond & Cinnamon Bars - recipe is dairy free and gluten free

Muesli & Yoghurt Bars - recipe is egg free and nut free

Cherry, Coconut & Cacao Bars - recipe is egg free and nut free, can be made dairy free (using soy or another non-dairy milk)

Q. What is the useby date on BakeMe Snacks?
A. Once they're baked, our BakeMe Snacks are best consumed within a couple of days while they're nice and fresh. But the best part is that they freeze beautifully for up to 4 weeks, so stash them in your freezer! You can find out more about the best way to store your bars here. Unopened, the packs are good for a couple of months in the pantry

Q. Why is the shelf life of the bars so short?
A. Because our bars are baked with no preservatives and have a high moisture content to make them easy for little mouths to eat, the shelf life is shorter compared to store-bought muesli bars. It's best to think of our bars like a loaf of bread or a freshly baked cake - best to freeze to lock in their freshness and so they're always handy! You can find more info on how to store your bars here.

Q. Can adults eat BakeMe Snacks?
A. Of course! Our delicious bars are just as good for big kid's bodies are they are for the little ones. As they don't contain any refined sugar, bigger kids and adults may find they don't taste overly sweet (especially after our palates have become accustomed to Tim Tams and other indulgences!), but they are honestly one of the healthiest snacks you can fuel your body with.

Q. Where can I find the nutritional information about BakeMe Snacks?
A. You can view The Nutritional Information Panels for all our products on this page. Of course, each product is also labelled with this information on the packaging.

Q. What do you mean by 'no added sugar'?
A. We only use the goodness of the natural sugars found in whole fruits to sweeten our bars; we don't add any refined sugar products. We don't even use any of the pretend-they're-good-for-you sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup, rice malt syrup, fruit juice or fruit juice concentrates. Even when we use medjool dates to add a touch of sweetness, we only use a few - most recipes use only 2 or 3 in a whole batch of bars!

Q. If the bars don't have any added sugar, why does the Nutritional Panel show a sugar content?
A. The only sugar content in our bars is the natural sugar found in fruit and milk. For example, apples are naturally approximately 10% sugar, bananas are around 15%, milk is around 4%. But the good thing about these sugars is that firstly they are totally natural, and secondly, we use our fruit in their whole form and so also contains fibre and complex carbohydrates which slow the absorption of sugars within the body (preventing that sugar high and typical crash a couple of hours later!).

Q. Are BakeMe Snacks 100% organic?

A. Our bars use organic fruits, nuts, grains and dairy (or soy). The only non-organic ingredients we use are our spices and rising agents (cinnamon, nutmeg, baking powder and bicarbonate soda). We use some of the biggest and best organic suppliers in Australia to source our ingredients so you can be 100% sure of its authenticity and quality.